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Press Release | Louise Find Fine Jewellery is launching a new division of Fashion Jewellery

We are proud to announce that we are expanding the company’s product assortment, by launching a brand-new Fashion Jewellery Line.

The Louise Find Fashion Line will run simultaneously together with our beloved Fine Jewellery Line. The new Fashion Line will be targeting women in the age of 18 – 35 years and range in prices from 1.000DKK to 3.000DKK The Louise Find Fashion Line will launch tree collections each year: Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter & Holiday.

The jewellery in the new line will consist of 925 Sterling Silver pieces, each one carefully plated with 18K yellow gold, rose gold or white rhodium. As our brand Louise Find is all about quality, we will remain using the same high standard and quality of our diamonds as within the fine jewellery line, internally flawless River Diamonds.

The first collection within the fashion line, named Golden Palms is set to launch late summer 2018. The collection is inspired by the tropical palm Pritchardia, found in the beautiful décor of the old and noble tea salons within Paris. The designer has drawn inspiration from the palm’s playful silhouettes and elegant twist-and-turns, which has resulted in a gorgeous collection of golden statement jewellery.

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